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Do you ever wish things were different?

Like you could just turn things around to a specific way?

Sometimes we go through things that affect us emotionally, mentally and even spiritually…Looking around for advice or someone to just pour your heart to, either to encourage you or just to be around to take your mind of somethings you don’t want to think about.

Do you wish you could turn back the hands of time just to correct somethings, maybe… just maybe things will turn out differently?

You know, personally I wish things were different. Sometimes I go through some emotional and mental challenges,  maybe that why i don’t like being left alone for too long(…thinking) but even at then the people around you sometimes don’t seem to be helping at some moments…

People see smiles and laughter but sometimes there is a lot behind them that they know nothing of…Then now seeing some people complaining about some things and in my head I am like ‘what are you talking about, at least you have this and you have that…or is it because I’m not telling you what I am going through and all” but then anyways people go through stuff we know nothing of also.


Then I realized, to go through this life one needs ENCOURAGEMENT. Now this kind of encouragement isn’t from friends or family, this has to come from within.

We need to encourage ourselves from time to time because staying in a particular place is a choice. We might not be responsible for were we are now, but we are responsible for remaining there.

How do you do that? 

First we have to find out where that discouragement is coming from before you can deal with it.

There are lots of ways one can encourage his or herself but the top 2 are;

  • Meditation
  • Words

They are so similar in the sense that when you meditate, you are going to end up using words.

I for one, the only way I could deal with all the discouragement or negativeness was from the word of God.

Now I’m not saying it’s wrong to get encouragement from out there, but what will you do if none of them is around to give you that encouragement you need at that moment?

What are you going to do?

How did you deal with yours? I’ll love to  know.



My name is Eniola but I am also called Pleroma. This all started as a personal passion, but along the line I wanted to share my views and opinions with everyone.

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