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Am I the only one who feels like screaming(sometimes I do…lol) when i see someone applying oil into their hair without sprinting their hair first with water. *thinking*

One thing you should know is this, Water is THE moisture, you see the definite article there? “THE“. Sometimes I see some of my natural ladies applying oil into their dry hair.


Please what are you sealing? dryness?…lol. You shouldn’t do that because *oils are sealants* They are used to seal in that moisture we put in our hair (which is water).

Before putting any oil into your hair, you should spray your hair with water first or a water based moisturizer. Then you can seal it up with your oil. That’s why even when we use the L.C.O or L.O.C method, depending on your hair type; the liquid(water/water-based product) comes first before the oil.

Why this way?:

Yes water is the moisture but when we go out about our daily activities, the water evaporates quickly and then our hair begins to feel try and itchy.  Now if you apply oil on your damp hair, it reduces the evaporation process and your hair can feel moisturized for a few days before re-moisturizing it.

One quick advice: Always have a spray bottle filled with just water or you could mix it with little conditioner or any essential oil of your choice if you wish , it all depends on you and what your hair likes.

How do you moisturized your hair?

Please share.



My name is Eniola but I am also called Pleroma. This all started as a personal passion, but along the line I wanted to share my views and opinions with everyone.

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