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So guys…Its autumn, and fall is almost here…

The aim of all this is to retain length

Its time to get those extra inches!!!

So I was thinking of what I’m going to do with my hair during the autumn and fall period, I decided to go to YouTube and check what’s there( you know how these things go),  so I came across a youtuber who was talking about a ‘protective style challenge‘ for autumn/fall season and I saw it as a great idea.

I started my challenge about a week ago with mini twists, which I plan on carrying for about 3 weeks and probably go in with weaves next or something else…not sure yet, lol.

Now it depends on you, you don’t have to do mini twists like I did, you could stick with cornrows, braids, weaves, etc.

Took a length check as I started, will take the next one in January then the next, sometime in spring.

There are also other things I’ve been wanting to try but I just never did for some reasons.. *rolling eyes*.. like onion juice on the hair, rice water, hair steaming, to mention a few. Its time for that extra loving on our hair.

I know we can do it.

How do you plan on saving those inches this season?

I’ll love to know




My name is Eniola but I am also called Pleroma. This all started as a personal passion, but along the line I wanted to share my views and opinions with everyone.

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