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Hey there,

Wow, my first blog post… I know right, I finally did it after all these years of wanting to and trust me the feeling is phenomenal.

You know sometimes when you want to do something, like some people they just keep researching things that never seem to come to an end, like just start already and along the way you’ll learn more.

Some people think that it’s all about researching about this and that, wanting to know all at once. Don’t get me wrong of course you should research more about what you want to do first, but then there’s a point you reach whereby you just start with the knowledge you’ve acquired and along the way you learn more things. You don’t want to be just a knowledge junk with nothing to show for it whatsoever.

You need to get into action. Did you know it’s actually when you start that you begin to understand some things better?… Yep I’m telling you… For example, when you’re learning a dance step(just had to use this because i’m a dancer…lol), it doesn’t just stop at looking at the choreographer, you have to try it out to actually learn and know it and sometimes you have to try several times to perfect it. You get me right?..

And that’s what I did…I had done some research about blogging and my niche. But to understand further I had to just start. Yes of course you’ll face some challenges along the way, but they are not there to scare you but to make you stronger and study more to improve yourself.

Wish you success as you start whatever you’ve been wanting to do. See you in my next post.

My name is Eniola but I am also called Pleroma. This all started as a personal passion, but along the line I wanted to share my views and opinions with everyone.

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